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Our little musical artist
Hailey's vast vocabulary before  age 2
reading a book with animal sounds
Easter morning 2010
Easter afternoon at Nana and Papa's 2010
Pretend living room campout
Aiden's 4th BD at My Gym 1
Aiden's 4th BD at My Gym 2
Aiden's 4th BD at My Gym 3
Aiden's 4th BD at My Gym 4
Aiden's 4th BD at My Gym 5
Aiden's 4th BD at My Gym 6
Aiden playing at the Children's Museum
A few days before Christmas with Daddy home due to bad weather
Dachshunds in the snow
Coming down the stairs on Christmas morning 2009
Kids fighting Latte more confident in playing with Mocha
Hailey giggling at Mommy whipping around to surpise her
Aiden and Mocha
Shedd Aquarium
4th of July 09 kids reaction to Firework display
Aiden's first sparklers
Mocha and her boy Aiden
Spunky wet Dachshunds from a bath
At Chilli's waiting for our meal
Hailey and her ball bubbler
Puppy Playtime
Latte has begun to play with Mocha
Trick-or-Treaters and Hailey practicing walking
famly play time
Daddy and Chris took Aiden to Deanna Rose Childrens farmstead in KC
Hailey learning to walk at Linda's (Linda is pregnant and getting kicked by Cayden)
Hailey taking the most steps at Linda's in KC
Newborn Hailey crying for her brother to swing her

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